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30 november 2022

Hevel starts selling of HJT solderable cells with efficiency rate up to 24.5%

Hevel Group HJT factory has adjusted the equipment to the new size of monocrystalline wafers and since the end of November, 2022 has extended products line with solderable busbar cells of bigger size starting from M6.

During the modernization of the technological line, the transition from the adhesive technology of cell-strings assembly to assembly by soldering was also carried out. This helped to get away from expensive components and reduce the cost of production.

Today Hevel product line includes both busbar and busbarless cells at different sizes, strings of cells, solar modules of 60, 66, 72 cells and 144 half-cut cells. Currently the efficiency of an HJT solar cell at mass production reaches 24.5% with 0.26 temperature coefficient. The output of a 144HC cells HJT module is 450 Wp.

The plant has completely switched to the production of bifacial modules, which allows generating up to 30% more electricity due to light reflection.

Hevel Group has been producing HJT solar modules and cells since 2017. During 5 years, the plant's production capacity increased from 160 to 350 MW of solar modules per year.