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Privacy Policy

Hevel Energy Group website and online store (www.hevelsolar.com) guarantees the safety of the client’s personal data and protects information from the third parties, as we appreciate the trust of our visitors and customers in us. This Privacy Policy is designed to provide further protection and keeping of customer’s information safe from fraudsters and other persons.

1. General issues

1.1. This Privacy Policy describes methods for using and storing confidential data of customers visiting www.hevelsolar.com in the database of the online store.
1.2. By providing private information to www.hevelsolar.com, the customer by default agrees with transfering, using and saving of his personal data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
1.3. This Privacy Policy applies only to private data obtained through www.hevelsolar.com. Private information includes data that could help to identify customer personal data with the use of the Policy separately or in conjunction with other data available to the online store.
1.4. The site does not contain prohibited materials for viewing by children and adolescents under 18 years of age. However, they cannot transmit any personal data via the Internet without the consent of one of the parents or guardian. Hevel Energy Group Company guarantees that it does not purposely collect and store personal data related to minors.
1.5. The site www.hevelsolar.com may contain links that allow you to go to third-party sites. The company is not responsible for the information published on these sites, and provides links to them only for the convenience of customers. The website www.hevelsolar.com does not intentionally publish links to Internet resources that could damage the customer’s computer or become infected with viruses.
1.6. The processing of the received information is regulated with the strict accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts, governing relations in connection with the activities of Hevel Energy Group Company in the field of personal data processing, including: Federal Law dd. July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On personal data”, Law dd. July 27, 2006 No. 149-FZ “On information, information technologies and information protection”, Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dd. March 6, 1997 No. 188 “On approving a list of confidential information”.

2. Data received by the site

2.1. If the user is not registered on the site, when viewing the content, he is identified as anonymous. The servers of the site www.hevelsolar.com can collect the following information for statistics from such a user:

  • about the type of browser;
  • about the type of computer;
  • about the type of operating system;
  • IP address

2.2. Information about registered users is collected and stored on the server:
2.2.1. Personal information, as well as any other information that customers intentionally and voluntarily transmit to the registration process and when using the site:

  • Full Name;
  • e-mail;
  • mobile phone number;
  • password - an equivalent of a handwritten signature;
  • for legal entities additionally: name of organization, taxpayer identification number (TIN), code of reason for registration (KPP).

If the order was sent wrongly due to the provision of false data by the Buyer, the website www.hevelsolar.com declines all responsibility for the delivery of such an order. The customer’s own signature is the password for access to his account. All actions committed in the system, using an analogue of the user's own handwritten signature, are recognized as committed personally by the user. The customer is fully responsible for the safety and non-disclosure of the data of the equivalent of a handwritten signature. Purpose of collecting information:

  • for user registration on the site, acceptance, processing and delivery of the order;
  • providing feedback to the customer, providing customer support; 
  • notifications of changes in the work of our services;
  • providing offers and information about promotions, new arrivals, promotional mailings with consent of the customer.

The user can change, update or delete his personal data in the Personal Account. The online store has the right to delete any information containing the personal data of users of the site.
2.2.2. Data from cookies. These are small text files in which the information about the customer’s actions on the resource will be stored after visiting our site. These files do not affect the operating system of the user's computer. The purpose of collecting these files: thanks to cookies, the user does not have to enter a username and password every time in order to log into the Personal Account. All settings are saved, for example, region and individual preferences. The online store uses this information to maintain statistics about users and their requests. These researches help the online store to analyze, evaluate, improve its work, improve the quality of the products and services and improve communication mechanisms with customers. Customer may delete cookies after visiting www.hevelsolar.com. However, in this case, the site www.hevelsolar.com is not responsible for the improper quality of the resource. 
2.2.3. Information from the browser - data that the browser automatically sends to the server, for example: IP address, history of recent visits, name of the operating system, name and version of the program through which the customer accesses the Internet, date and time of visiting the site by the user. It is possible to block the function of transmitting such information by changing the settings of the browser. The purpose of collecting information: the online store keeps statistics of visits for the functioning of its servers and accounting for its own traffic. In this case, the collected statistical information is not associated with specific users and is processed only in the form of generalized statistics. The client's IP address and the time of access to the system, in accordance with the user identifier, are stored in the database in order to prevent fraud. 
2.2.4. Information from third parties is the private data that partners, suppliers or another third party provide to the online store, for example, information about the successful payment. The purpose of collecting information: to fulfill the obligations of the online store for the filling-out and delivery of goods to the customer, processing and receiving payments or notifying the customer about the status of his order.
2.3. On the site www.hevelsolar.com the user can leave any feedback on the goods. In this case, he must remember that the personal information that he reports in these sections of the site is visible to other users. In order to prevent fraud or other operations, which user data may be associated with, do not leave personal information (phone number, email address, login, password, etc.) in the comments and other public messages. In this case, the online store is not responsible for the security of this data.

3. Protection of the users’ personal information

3.1. Hevel Energy Group Company through the website www.hevelsolar.com never provides third parties the private (personal) information about customers under any circumstances, except as otherwise required by Federal Law No. 152-FZ dd. July 27, 2006 “On personal data” ; or when the customer voluntarily agrees to the further transfer of information. 
3.2. The company has the right to cooperate with other companies and individuals to perform certain types of work, for example: delivering parcels, mail and e-mail messages, deleting duplicate information from customer lists, analyzing data, providing marketing services, processing credit card payments. These legal entities / individuals have access to the personal information of users only when it is necessary to perform their functions. This information cannot be used by them for other purposes.
3.3. The company implements measures to protect private (personal) customer data in the following areas:

  • prevention of leakage of information containing private (personal) data through technical communication channels and other means;
  • prevention of unauthorized access to information containing private (personal) data, special impacts on such information (information carriers) in order to obtain, destroy, distort and block access to it;
  • malware protection; 
  • intrusions and hackings detection.

4. Information storage period

The company stores the private information of customers for such period of time, that is necessary to achieve the goals for which it was originally obtained or other legitimate purposes, except when a longer period of storage of information is necessary in accordance with the law or allowed by it.

5. Bank Cards Security

When paying for orders on the website www.hevelsolar.com with the use of bank cards (debit, credit, etc.) all operations with them are carried out on third-party resources of banks in the special secure modes. No confidential information about bank cards, except a notification of the payment made is transmitted to the online store and cannot be transferred.

6. Cooperation with government bodies

There are some circumstances under which the website www.hevelsolar.com may provide private information from its database to the third parties:

  • in order to satisfy the requirements, requests or orders of the court;
  • in order to cooperate with law enforcement, investigative or other government agencies while the online store reserves the right to inform government agencies of any illegal activity without notifying the user about it;
  • in order to prevent or investigate an alleged offense such as fraud or identity theft;
  • in order to protect legal rights, property rights or security of the site, employees of the online store, agents, other users and society as a whole.

7. Changes and additions.

All changes to the terms or conditions of the policy for the use of personal information will be reflected in this document by publishing it on the Site. The site www.hevelsolar.com reserves the right to make changes to certain sections of this document at any time without prior notice by publishing an updated version of this Privacy Policy on the site, on this page. Since its publication the users are considered as familiar with the new terms of the Privacy Policy.