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8 june 2021

Russian branch of Leroy Merlin to switch to renewable energy

Russian business unit of French DIY retailer purchases “green” electricity generated by solar energy supplier Hevel. Under the current Russian energy regulatory framework, bilateral deals can be concluded between a seller and a buyer with a power distribution company mediating as a third party, in case of Leroy Merlin Mosenergosbyt power distribution company entered the deal. Power distributor concluded the voluntary bilateral agreement with electricity seller following the same mechanisms as green certificates and similar to PPAs in their basic form.

3 stores in Siberian cities Kemerovo and Krasnoyarsk will use electricity generated by solar power plants of Russia’s biggest solar energy supplier and modules producer Hevel Group.

At the moment the Russian business unit of Leroy Merlin develops a strategy aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint and energy consumption management. Corporate sustainability policy implies reaching 100% renewable energy consumption within next 5 years. In order to achieve that Leroy Merlin considers utilizing both solar and wind energy. The DIY retailer also plans to make Leroy Merlin  stores more energy efficient, develop its own renewable energy generation, purchase green certificates and apply other measures to decrease environmental impact.