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26 august 2021

Hevel to complete first hybrid off-grid PV in Arctic region

Hevel Energo Servis, Hevel Group’s energy service business unit has completed the construction on off-grid solar-plus-diesel project in Chukotka that will be the first standalone PV installation in the Russian Arctic zone.

The total capacity of two off-grid solar-plus-diesel installations built and operated under energy service scheme is 2.6 MW. The power facility comprises the 550 kW PV array and the 470 kWh battery energy system.

The automatically operated energy generation facility will guarantee a stable and reliable energy supply for 700 households in two remote villages.

The off-grid power station will help municipality reduce diesel consumption by 30%. The fuel savings are expected to reach 2130 tons during a 10-year energy service contract. The construction took a year 2 months more are required for commissioning phase.

Hevel invested approx. $2.7 mln in both stations under the energy service contract. Selected model will allow to keep electricity prices down and reduce municipal expenditures earlier allocated for procurement of diesel fuel.

Earlier Hevel built off-grid PV installations of total capacity of 2.8 MW in Siberian regions of Altay, Tyva and Zabaikalsky region. At the moment the company operates the off-grid fleet of 40 solar plants in rural areas of Siberia and the Far East reaching total capacity of 83.3 MW including 13.5 MW solar power.