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30 november -0001

Grigoryevskaya 10 MW solar power plant has been put into operation in the Orenburg region

Grigoryevskaya SPP with capacity of 10 MW has been put into operation in Orenburg region. The new plant has started supplying power to the grid since June 1, 2019.

Estimated annual power output of Grigoryevskaya SPP is 12,5 MIO kW*h, which will enable to avoid 6,5 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save 3,7 MIO m3 of natural gas every year.

Earlier, Hevel Group constructed and put into operation 5 MW Perevolotskaya SPP, 25 MW Sol-Iletskaya SPP, 30 MW Chkalovskaya SPP and Pleshanovskaya and Grachevskaya SPP, each of 10 MW capacity, which were sold to Fortum Group in 2017. Thus, total installed power of solar power plants in the region, managed by Hevel, has reached 70 МW.