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19 may 2017

Hevel Group to Build Solar Power Plant in Buryatia

Construction work has begun in Bichursky District of the Republic of Buryatia on the region’s first solar power plant, Bichurskaya SPP, with a capacity of 10 MW. The investor and general contractor for the project are members of the Hevel Group.

Completion and commissioning of the new power plant are scheduled for September 2017.

“Building solar power stations is, first and foremost, about making a contribution to regional development. Bichurskaya SPP is expected to generate over 14.5 GWh of power per year, which will reduce CO2 discharges by 7,685 tonnes every year,” said Hevel Group’s CEO Igor Shakhray. “And I’m delighted that today we are expanding our geographical presence into a region with great potential for solar energy.”

“This project to build a solar power plant in Bichursky District is of great economic, social and economic importance. The SPP will help to improve the reliability of power supply across the district and to reduce grid losses. It will also create more than 100 new jobs and contribute over 1.2 bn rubles in taxes to the budgets at various levels over 15 years”, stated Aleksey Tsydenov, Acting Head of the Republic of Buryatia. In 2018, a second solar power plant, Gusinoozerskaya SPP, with a capacity of 15 MW is to be commissioned in Buryatia. The possibility of building off-grid hybrid power plants in remote areas of the Republic is also being considered.