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21 february 2017

Hevel Group Achieves 21.75

Russia’s largest integrated solar company, Hevel Group, is in the final stage of pre-commissioning work on its solar module manufacturing plant. Its first silicon heterojunction cell has achieved an efficiency rating of 21.75% under standard testing conditions.

In November 2016 Hevel Group began upgrading its thin-film fabrication line to adapt it to heterojunction technology and ramp up capacity to 160 MW.

Most of the new HJT solar modules will be supplied to solar power plants that Hevel Group is committed to building in Russia. Hevel’s current project pipeline exceeds 500 MW, including grid connected and off-grid PV plants.

In parallel, Hevel’s PV factory in Novocheboksarsk and its R&D center in Saint Petersburg will join forces to boost solar cell efficiency in mass production.