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Stand-alone hybrid power plant in the Republic of Tuva

They supply reliable, uninterrupted, round-the-clock power in villages with a population of about 7,000 people

Stand-alone hybrid power plant in the villages of Mugur-Aksy and Kyzyl-Khaya in the Tuva Republic.
These autonomous systems include solar power plants with a total capacity of 550 kW, energy storage systems with a total capacity of 710 kWh, and diesel generators. 


550 kW
710 kWh
770 kWh

Thanks to the automatic control system and the use of PV-modules, the regional government has cut diesel consumption by 30%. In the daytime, one of the villages, even in winter time, gets all the electricity it needs thanks to the solar power plant. This project provided reliable, high-quality, uninterrupted, round-the-clock power to two of the region's remote settlements with roughly 7,000 dwellers.
The plants were built at Hevel Group's expense as part of an energy service contract with the region. This financial model made it possible to avoid a rate hike for end consumers of electricity, and in the future will lighten the burden on the regional budget thanks to reduced subsidization of the cost of supplying diesel fuel.
The projects to deploy the two stand-alone power plants were implemented as part of an agreement between Hevel Group and the Government of the Republic of Tuva. The project made it possible to achieve the strategic state objective of ensuring uninterrupted and reliable power supply to the population in isolated and autonomous territories thanks to the use of solar energy.

In addition, building the solar generation facilities increased tax revenues to the regional budget, created new jobs in the republic, and allowed regional enterprises to be involved in the construction, installation, and manufacture of supporting structures as the plants were being built.