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A solar power plant for an auto parts store

A solar power plant in Roslavl, Smolensk region

Dvizhok, an auto parts store, is located in the very center of the city of Roslavl, Smolensk region. The area of the store exceeds 500 sq.m. and occupies two floors. The average daily consumption of electricity at the facility is quite high (about 70 kW*h), making the cost of electricity a significant expense among the building's operating costs.

2,9 rub*kWh*
store area
18,6 kW
the power of a ready-made solution
up to 70%
output saving

Electricity tariffs for small and medium-sized businesses are usually high, and Dvizhok is not an exception, getting charged 9 rubles 37 kopecks per kW*h.   Taking into account the rate of energy consumption of the facility, the high tariff for electricity, as well as its constant increase, the owner, Mikhail Sudakov, began to look for possible ways to reduce costs and eventually decided to install a solar power plant.
Having evaluated numerous offers on the market, Mikhail decided to opt for a solution provided by the Hevel Group of Companies, which is the leading Russian manufacturer of solar modules. 

The store is located in the city center, there is no free space on the ground for installing a solar power plant, so it was decided to place a PV system on the building’s roof, which is solution widespread practice among commercial customers. Considering the unique features of the facility's location, orientation, available roof space, the demand in electricity, as well as the customer's desire to minimize consumption from the power grid, a custom on-grid PV system based on the C5 model was insallted.  

The upgraded kit with a capacity of 18.6 kW included 60 highly efficient Hevel heterojunction modules, a GoodWee grid inverter, as well as other components required for the installation of the PV system on the roof. When selecting a suitable solar solution, sales managers often face  an issue, related to a limited area available for PV system installation. In such cases, the use of highly efficient modules is one of the most important aspects when choosing a solar solution.  The installation of the C5 kit was successfully carried out by the customer. At the moment, on a sunny day, the on-grid PV system covers up to 70% of the commercial enterprise's need for electricity.

“I decided to purchase more powerful modules for the C5 kit, which made it possible to achieve better performance; the kit fully meets our requirements. The delivery of the kit took about 10 days, everything arrived safely, in its original packaging, without any damage. It's high-quality equipment, easy to install, and does not require additional maintenance. Thanks to the PV system from Hevel, I managed to reduce my energy costs by 2 times. I am very pleased with the work of Hevel's employees, their engineering and technical personnel", says Mikhail Sudakov, sharing his experience of working with Hevel.

*The cost of electricity is calculated in the period of SPP operation - 25 years