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31 october 2017

Output of Hevel Group Managed Solar Power Plants Exceeds 134 GW*h

Hevel Group is announcing results of solar power plants performance for 9 months of 2017.
12 Hevel Group grid solar power plants with 100 MW of total installed capacity are currently operating on the wholesale market for electricity and power.

Solar power output, thous. kW*h


Total Hevel solar power plants output for the 3rd quarter of 2017 accounted for 42 391 thous. kW*h. 
Total output of operating SPP’s for entire period of operation made up 134 158 thous. kW*h, which is equivalent to use of 36 MIO m3 for electrical power generation. Hevel solar power plants enabled to avoid more than 71 000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

 The solar power output is affected by the following factors: insolation level of the plant location area, weather conditions, season of the year and sunlight time, plants repair and maintenance schedules, as well as requirements of a System operator.