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6 june 2019

Hevel Group is to supply AB InBev Efes factory in Omsk with solar power

Hevel Group and AB InBev Efes, the Russian subdivision of the world largest brewer, have signed the agreement of cooperation in renewable energy on the sidelines of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The document provides for the subsequent conclusion of the contract for supply of AB InBev Efes factory in Omsk with solar power starting from September 1, 2019.

It is the first agreement signed between the solar power generation company and industrial consumer.

The total output of Hevel solar power plants in Siberia in in 2020 will exceed 180 MIO kW*h and is enough to cover the demand of the industrial consumer of the second pricing zone.

Within the global sustainable development strategy “100+”, AB InBev Efes plans to ramp up the RES-based power consumption to 100% by 2025.

“We welcome the AB InBev Efes decision on transition to renewable energy in Russia. The decision of such a large industrial consumer is a significant signal for the whole electric power industry and open up new horizons for the renewables industry development. We are getting an extra incentive from this to increase technological potential targeted as before at creation of new opportunities for the wide range of consumers”, – stated Hevel Group CEO Igor Shakhray.

“For our company sustainable development is not just a business area, but our business itself. We are establishing a company, brewing beer, creating and developing brands, which will connect people for the next 100 years and more. One of our global sustainable development objectives is combating climate change. And we are able to attain significant results only by transition of our production facilities to electric power, obtained from the renewable sources. It is important for us, that our efforts in environmental liabilities fulfillment would become an example for other as well: only this way we can have beneficial effect on the environment,  especially in terms of general carbon footprint reduction”, — declared Dmitriy Shpakov, AB InBev Efes President.