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7 june 2019

Hevel constructs solar power plant on the Omsk refinery site

Hevel Group and Gazprom Neft PJSC have signed the agreement of cooperation in renewable energy. The companies agreed to extend cooperation by joint work in creation and application of new power supply technologies and increase of environmental friendliness of the oil sector facilities.

Construction of 1 MW solar power plant on the Omsk refinery site will be on of the first joint projects. The photovoltaic system will be executed in four types: static terrestrial, facade, rooftop and on moving devices – trackers. Dual axis automated tracker – “sun tracking” system, enabling to increase power output. Heterojunction solar modules with maximum efficiency owing to reflection from the ground surface will be another innovation.

Development of the renewables grid generation on the wholesale electricity market through power delivery contracts resulted in the emergence of new segments. Construction of solar power systems in hard-to-reach locations demonstrates the most positive trends today. The demand for self-generating facilities is also rising both on the industrial sector and small and mid-sized businesses part.

“Upcoming cooperation gives new opportunities for technologies development in solar power industry. Oil and gas sector infrastructure has great potential to implement RES-based solutions, and we are happy, that the industry leader – Gazprom Neft – actively develops solar power generation direction”, — emphasized Hevel Group CEO Igor Shakhray.

“This project is an important part of our refineries modernization program. Solar power plants will provide the Gazprom Neft refineries with additional generation and enable them to increase efficiency and ecological compatibility. We engage Hevel Company, having vast experience in work with renewables, as a partner to implement the project”, — noticed Deputy CEO of Gazprom Neft for Logistics, Refining and Sales Anatoly Cherner.