Hem Research and Development

Research and Development

Continuous development is the key to success of any production company in the modern world. That is why we pay great attention to research and development.
Hevel Group has its own research and development center (R&D Center), which is located in St. Petersburg. R&D Center’s employees are represented by the leading scientists and their activity is focused on the increasing of competitiveness of Hevel products, on the developing of various customized solutions according to the needs of every customer. We understand Customer’s needs and it helps us to offer innovative technologies and even unique solutions on the market of solar power, thereby to be one of the leading players on the Russian market and the reliable supplier for international companies.
One of the latest achievements of the R&D Center was the transition to the use of modern heterojunction technology in the manufacturing of Hevel solar modules, which takes place in the worldwide Top-5 of photovoltaic cell efficiency.


  • Development of new products and solutions based on solar cells, including usage of flexible modules
  • Technical audit of the production line and consulting
  • Material testing
  • Development of individual solutions for commercial vehicles and aviation, as well as for social and industrial infrastructure
  • Scaling of laboratory results and design to the real manufacturing
  • Design and manufacturing of testing and production equipment


The R&D Center laboratory is high-tech equipped for conducting end-to-end tests of photovoltaic cells and modules:

  • Metrology equipment: IV cell and module tester, EL cell and module tester, PL and EQE for PV cells, spectroscopic ellipsometer, Hall-effect measurement system, optical and IR-spectroscope, SEM, AFM. 
  • Module reliability testing: climatic chamber test, mechanical load test, hail test, wet leakage test, IR test, hotspot test.
  • Equipment for chemical treatment of silicon wafers, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD)
  • Equipment for contact grid metallization: screen and inkjet printers 
  • Equipment for modules assembly: equipment for assembly of strings, laminator
  • Equipment for materials cleaning (high-quality glass cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning)


R&D center cooperates with leading research and development centers:

  • Fraunhofer ICE (Germany)
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
  • CSEM (Switzerland)
  • Skolkovo (Russia)

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