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18 may 2018

Solar-power boat expedition launches in May in Russia

The energy autonomous solar electric catamaran sets off on its 5000 km long journey across Russia. Following the launch from Saint Petersburg, the self-sufficient boat will make a series of stops on its trip including 40 cities in 20 Russian regions.

The catamaran boasts 9 kW solar power system consisting of heterojunction semi-flexible solar modules, manufactured by Russian PV module manufacturer and solar projects developer Hevel Group. 
Design and assembly of 130-micron solar cells were performed by Hevel’s own R&D center in Saint Petersburg which well-equipped laboratory is a small copy of the company’s 160 MW PV module factory in Chuvashia republic.

Besides supplying EPC services for utility-scale solar photovoltaic power plants Hevel Group develops variable engineering solutions for commercial transport and aviation, as well as for off-grid social and industrial infrastructure.