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27 january 2017

First Mid-scale Off-grid Diesel-solar Power Plant Launched in Siberian Region

PJSC “Rosseti” and Hevel Group have started operating the first off-grid diesel-solar power plant in one of the Siberian regions. The 120 kW solar power plant, combined with two 200 kW diesel power stations and 300 kWh power storage systems, is designed to supply electricity to three villages in remote parts of Siberia.

The system is expected to reduce of diesel consumption from 250,000 up to 86,000 liters per year cutting CO2 emissions by up to 500 tonnes.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Baikal region Governor Natalya Zhdanova said that 23 villages in remote areas are in need of reliable electricity supplies, with another two off-grid diesel-solar power stations to be constructed in 2017.

Russia operates a national scheme aimed at supporting the construction of 100 off-grid mid-scale hybrid solar power plants by the end of 2021.