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30 january 2018

Companies from Russia and Belarus Jointly Developed Photovoltaic Sandwich Panel for Roofing

Hevel Group and Belarusian company ISOBUD presented a jointly designed photovoltaic sandwich panel for roofing. Roofing material is composed of heterojunction PV modules manufactured at Hevel’s 160 MW fab. ISOBUD also came up with its own innovative sandwich panel with heating element. Both products are being demonstrated at BUDMA-2018, construction industry fair opened today in Poznan (Poland).

PV module-based rooftop sandwich panel and sandwich panel with heating element are ready-made solution for power-efficient construction. Sandwich panels are widely used in construction of residential frame-panel buildings, logistics centers, sports facilities, parking areas and other infrastructure. 

Integration of high-efficiency PV module in sandwich panel and use of innovative heating sandwich panel enable to decrease significantly the power consumption of a new facility.

ISOBUD intends to launch serial production of innovative sandwich panels in 2018 and Hevel Group will secure high-efficiency PV modules supplies.