'Green' energy is electricity generated from renewable energy sources, which primarily include solar power plants and wind farms, as well as (small capacity) hydroelectric power plants and geothermal energy sources.


Using ‘green’ energy in the production cycle will help you to:

  • REDUCE THE CARBON FOOTPRINT of your business and the goods it produces
  • FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES OF THE ESG STRATEGY and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
  • CREATE A POSITIVE IMAGE OF YOUR COMPANY through environmental responsibility                                                          


The existing market mechanism of electricity distribution does not, in most cases, involve direct interaction between the generator and the consumer. The generator feeds power into the public grid, not directly to the consumer.

You don't need to build a solar plant in order to make your business green. You can simply buy an I-REC certificate.


The I-REC certificate is an international standard certificate confirming the renewable origin of 1 MWh of electricity produced.

By purchasing an I-REC certificate, the consumer is not buying energy itself; instead, he is purchasing a green attribute for the electricity generated by a RES generation facility.


Certificates are issued to generators for every 1 MW*h of electricity produced at RES facilities. 

The issuance of the I-REC certificate is recorded by: 
a special authorised international
organisation that operates in many 
countries of the world in order to track 
the origin of 'green' electricity 
and control its consumption (redeeming a certificate).



Using I-REC to distribute the 'green' electricity will allow you to: 

•    guarantee the renewable origin of the electricity provided to the consumer
•    influence the development of the green certificates market and support renewable energy in general through commercial investments
•    publish information about the process of transition to green energy consumption in any media, as well as in ESG reporting.




The current I-REC mechanism allows us to track who, when and where produces 'clean' energy, as well as who, when and where uses it. This mechanism is convenient to use because it does not involve the process of physical delivery of electricity from the supplier to the consumer.

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