Hevel Group Management and Structure

Company Management

Igor Shakhray

Chief Executive Officer

Aleksei Bashkatov

Chief Financial Officer

Elena Bodnarchuk

Deputy CEO - Chief Commercial Officer

Iulia Ianovskaya

Deputy CEO for Legal Issues

Yevgenia Boreskova

Deputy CEO for Government Relations

Svetlana Shakhnazarova

HR Director

Anton Usachev

PR Director


Engineering and Generation Division

Oleg Shutkin

Deputy CEO-Head of Engineering and Generation Division

Timur Kotamov

Head of Energy Wholesale Market of Electricity and Power and Trading Department

Solar module manufacturing plant

Aleksandr Dubrovskiy

Acting Director - Chief Technologist

Aleksandr Paramonov

Chief Engineer

Viktor Tarasov

Head of Production

Research and Development Center for Solar Energy

Dmitri Orekhov

Director General

Yevgeni Terukov

Deputy Director General for research

Aleksei Abramov

Head of Solar Energy Department